2009 Qaranka Annual Open Appeal letter to The UN Security Council

15 June 2009

Somali Peace Activist
Ali E. H. Naleey

President of Security Council and other Member States
Your Excellency Mr. Baki ILKIN
President of Security Council
The Permanent Turkish Ambassador to United Nations Mission

Dear President ILKIN,

I would like to thank you for welcoming me at your office presenting July 2005 open appeal Security Council letter. I was interested seeing the 20th century picture of Kamal Ataturk hanging on the wall that Secretary Farhan said was the founder of modern Turkey and would like to take this opportunity to appeal to you on humanitarian grounds, to consider reviewing the United Nations policy toward Somalia as the United States begun. In the past 18 years, the world Organ either spearheaded or supported exile-formed transitional governments that turned Somalia the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

According to Human Rights groups, all the U.N. backed exile formed interim governments including the three hosted in Djibouti in 1991, 2000, 2009 and the present government formed in Kenya in 2004, which after ruling Somalia unbelievable long cruel 5-year transitional term, accused of human rights abuses and war crimes, was rewarded to enlarge its parliament and rule Somalia 2 more years, still without any mandate, caused the deaths of around one fourth of the Somali population-including war related deaths and condemned Somalis surviving the untold agony became the world’s most destitute, desperate, and brutalized people. The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Somalia Ahmedou Ould-Abdallah, recently briefing the Council stated, “Three million Somalis have been forced to flee their country as refugees.”

Likewise, the African Union (AU) Chairman Muammar Gaddafi complained early this year during the African presidents’ conference in Addis Ababa, that the pirate crisis around the Gulf of Aden is the result of 18 years of Somali government hiatus, that is forcing local Somalis to protect their children’s food from illegal foreign fishing and toxic pirates at their territorial coast.

Somalia is the first African nation that held 3 back-to-back popular democratic elections in 1960, 64 and 67. For 18 years, the U.N. instead of helping Somalia use its pioneering democratic election experience, the Organ blindly kept supporting exile formed governments that Somalis heard when formed not from Somalia but from the world news agencies, and that is protected by foreign military inside a few buildings.

The Council excluding, persecuting and linking to Al-Qaida to marginalize political actors who oppose a transitional government teetering on the edge of collapse, which siphons all the international aid given to Somalis living under conditions that resemble genocide rekindles the civil war and damages U.N.’s image in the world.

In early 90s former Special Representative of the Secretary-General Mr. Mohamed Sahnoun understood homogeneous Somalis wanted peace and used to travel around the country to meet armed groups and local folks to understand the authority-hierarchy of Somali culture and then he would advise the U.N. to endorse most effective leader. Reappointing Ambassador Sahnoun, the U.N. will immediately regain its lost trust in Somalia.

It seems double standard and hypocrisy for the Organization to pursue policies that reduced Maritime semi Somalia peninsula became the world's greatest humanitarian catastrophe, while the nation's long territorial coast is where 40 percent of the world's oil pass. And annually 20,000 ships transporting goods between Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas travel through it. U.N. envoy Ould-Abdallah concluded, “If the current trends of internal violence and external neglect continue, the consequence would be catastrophic for peace in the region, for the United Nations' image and reputation.”

Please accept, Your Excelleny, the assurance of my higest consideration


The Somalia interested UN General Assembly Member States
The U.N. Secretary General
President of the African Union
The Secretary General of the Arab League
The EU

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