Dagaalka Siiriya

Halkan ka daawo kooxaha Siiriya kala qeybsaday

Dowlad Caraba ah oo sida Siriya qaxootiga Soomaalida ugu hagar baxday xiligi hore majirto. 4-ta kooxo Siiriya qaybiyay iyo shisheeyaha kala gargaara

Ummada Soomaaliyeed

Soomaali: Xundhuro isku Yaalyaal !!

Maqaaxidaas yare fadhiiso, maqal afkeey ku wada hadlayaan iyo sideey iskula macaamil tamayaan

Hanyar iyo Hanweyn

Hanyari Hoos Bay ku Dhigtaa

Tusaale hankaadu haduu yahay inaad mideyso qaran dumay kuma aad qanceysid Qabiil

Maraakiibta Dagaalka Kiinya Duqeynaya Kismaayo, magaalada 3-aad ee Somalia

Kiinya Boobka badda Soomaaliya

Kiinya oo la wareegeysa Badda Somalia, kana fa'iideysaneysa xukunka Obama hayo iyo liidashada Soomaalida maanta


Saamaynta Caafimaad ee Sharaabka Coca Cola!!

Coca-cola waa shirkad aad u wayn oo samaysa cabitaanno kala duwan sida “Coke Classic”

Wassaayada IGAD

Ka fikir: Soomaaliya oo la hoos geliya Wasaayadda IGAD 2016?

Qoraalka qaar waa wax jira, qaarna waa wax mala awaal ah, dhici karana marka ay dhammaato muddada jiritaanka Maamulka Federaalka

Challenges facing Somalia and the Hope for its recovery

a Somali movement should target politicians who do not surrender their foreign citizenships when they return to Somalia and seek a high office in their mother country

Why are efforts to counter al-Shabab falling so flat?

the benefit of the Burundi forces in Somalia is that they are not joining the ethnic war in their country Burundi; Somalia is a Surrogate War Mother for AMISOM Parent countries


why so called 'international' community always sides with whoever plods on the most harmful bath for Somalia? the 4.5 is a formula to divide and conquer Somalia

Re-evaluating our Marriage to Re-invent our Nation

many of us are not good at reconciliation, probably nobody taught us how to do it, and that is why we are paying heavy price in the political conflict

Turkey makes huge strides in humanitarian efforts despite minimal resources in Somalia

while other countries donated their out-dated weapons to Somalia as a humanatarian aid and armed Ethiopia and Kenya to the teeth to invade, occupy and annex it, Turkey let the facts on the ground speak for themselves

The U.S. policies do more harm than good in Somalia

Somalia's hatred 4.5 'Xildhibaan for Sale', arbitrarily established 18 regions that the military government left, which ignited Somali civil war or those that Ethiopia and Kenya designed, with the help of U.S., cannot become political units

Apparitions in the night: the Myth of the Somali presidency

Tribe provides rights to its members are a Myth: only a state has the ability to deliver nationwide: security, services and justice, where people feel safe, respected and are able to take care of themselves

A Rudder less Nation-State under ...

Somalia’s people along with its borders are at risk. None has protection from foreign intervention. Little wonder that Somalia became a “NEWFOUNDLAND” whereby all vultures have their bite

Powerless Maritime Nation

Who is protecting Somalia's fishermen?

Somalia's unpoliced 3333 km, year long warm, rich in fauna territorial coast has become a Mecca for the Warships of Maritime Powers and international fishing pirates, where it boils down, that two wrongs don't make a right

An Act of Piracy

Illegal Fishing in Somalia

these vessels pay out thousands of dollars or millions in bribes, and the boats are released and the public never hears again from the authorities and for these fish pirates its business as usual

A wake up call

Time to Review AMISOM Mandate

Baleful legacy of colonialism, neighbor's interventions with on-and-off boiling irredentism wars with Somalia, regional disintergration feuling nation's agony

A better times ahead for Somalia

Somalia’s Strategic Depth
Investment Opportunity for GCCC countries

Somalia’s name has become synonymous with a failed state and Somalization is 21st century’s new term for Balkanization

Aborted ethnic nationhood

Abrogated destiny

Once Somalis were proud, pastoral and nomadic moving around the camel in the wilderness of the Horn of Africa

Book Review

Mogadishu Memoir

Hassan informs and affirms in the book leisurely but authoritatively

Brain hiatus dilemma

Myth of Leadership in Somalia

Why is the international community in the lead when it comes to Somalia, and not Somalis themselves?

IGAD Trustship

Imagine: Somalia under IGAD Trustship in 2016

A partially fact and partially fiction about what would happen at the end of the tenure of the present Federal Government

U.K.'s Somalia Policy

Analysing Britain’s Policy towards Somalia

Imperial epoch Britain had a policy of divide and rule, after the collapse of last Somali government, it had containment and counter-terrorism policy

Gurida Shabeele, Jubba

Maahmaah iyo Murti

Soomaalida Cod Lahayn

In their own words




Historic events

Open letters to UN

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